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Apply for resistive magnet time


A bi-yearly call for proposals (deadlines May and November 15th) requiring access to one of the high magnetic field facilities in Europe is launched, coordinated by the 

Access to the DC magnets will be given for research in high magnetic fields, provided that the application was positively rated by a User Selection Committee based on:

•scientific quality and originality of the application,
•necessity for the use of the infrastructure,
•track record and past performance related to the application.
The acceptance of your proposal means that the entire cost of your experiment (electricity, cryogenic fluids, etc.) will be covered by the laboratory. Please note that due to the end of the european support the reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses for users is no longer possible.
When an experiment accepted by the Selection Committee has not been performed in the foreseen period, one has to submit a new proposal mentioning the reasons why the experiment has not been performed.
Prior to submission of your proposal, it is strongly recommended to get in touch with your local contact at the laboratory to make sure that the experimental conditions requested can be made available and to fine-tune your proposal.
Please click here if you don’t know who to contact.
Please apply here online for DC magnet time and get more information about EMFL.
In exceptional cases, after deadline proposals that are considered of high urgency may be handled as they arrive and fit into any available time. Therefore submit your proposal as usual and express your interest by explaining your demand and send a copy of your proposal to .