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More information on high filed generation - resistive magnets

Le développement des aimants pour champs magnétiques intenses de nouvelle génération repose sur l’utilisation combinée d’aimants de type supraconducteurs et d’aimants à base d’alliages de cuivre. En conséquence la recherche technologique associée est orientée autour de trois axes principaux : Modélisation des phénomènes couplés : les projets de champs magnétiques intenses : aimant hybride 45 T (avec le CEA-IRFU), aimants pour la diffraction (avec ILL & ESRF), aimant pour sources (...)

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Record at 31 T in 50 mm

A new magnet using a radially cooled helix in its center has been operated end November 2013 at 31 T in a 50 mm room temperature bore. The power required for this new magnet at 31T is equal to what was needed at 30.2 T for the previous model. This progress has been obtained thanks to the use of the radially cooled techique that leads to a better cooling efficiency and a stronger filling factor. It corresponds to a saving of 4% of electricity for a (...)

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Magnetic field record : 36 Tesla

On 11th March 2014, LNCMI technicians and engineers reached a higher static magnetic field than the one available in the laboratory until now, going from 35 Tesla to 36 Tesla on a polyhelix magnet, in a 34 mm diameter bore, which is a world record for a resistive magnet. This technical achievement is the result of the development of the used conductors, which opens the path to even higher magnetic (...)

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