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Visiting the laboratory

The LNCMI is a public laboratory and is destined to introduce its activity to scholars and students interested in physics and high magnetic fields. High school or higher education student classes are frequently welcome to visit the high magnetic field facilities. The LNCMI covers a big diversity of professions, skills and knowledge, which can attract a wide scope of students, from France and Europe as well. 

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2014 Science science festival

Again this year, the public was answered postively to the Science festival in Grenoble. They were many to come and discover physics practised on the CNRS campus and came to visit the LNCMI installations. On Thursday 16 and Friday 17th October, the laboratory welcomed 7 high school classes from all over Rhone-Alpes region. On Saturday 18th, doors were open for the general (...)

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Intensive foundation degree students in Mathematics, Physics and Engineering Sciences

Monday 30 June and Wednesday 2nd July, students of Intensive foundation degree students in Mathematics, Physics and Engineering Sciences, from the Lycée La Martinière Monplaisir, Lyon, came to visit the laboratory. Six researchers and engineers made them discover the scientific activity and the technological research and development of the LNCMI. They thus had the possibility to see what kind of profession they might one day practice. (...)

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2014 School of the Research Group "MICO - Matériaux et Interaction en COmpétition" visiting the LNCMI

In the 2014 programme of the school Groupement de Recherche MICO - Matériaux et Interaction en COmpétition, participants had the opportunity to visit the LNCMI-Grenoble. The school took place from 25 to 31 May within the buildings of the ILL, research infrastructure nearby the LNCMI on the Grenoble scientific polygone. After a presentation of the scientific activity of the laboratory, the group composed of 25 people, visited the high field installations. (...)

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Visits in February, March, April 2014

These last couple of months have witnessed visits to the laboratory from a very varied public. Were welcomed in the lab: a group of Bachelor degree students in physics from the UJF-Grenoble, a small group of 15 year olds who came to discover the professions of the CNRS, a high school teacher from Paris, who came to collect information for his students, a group of electronics students, a class of professional high school in social and medical studies, from Valence, 3 high school students (...)

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The LNCMI welcomes undergraduate students : operation "Scientifique toi aussi"

The national nuclear study center CEA organises each year a communication operation towards young high school students, to make them discover scientific professions. This year, le LNCMI, neighbour laboratory of the CEA, hosted two small groups (from 16 to 18 year olds) studying sciences, in partnership with the Institut Néel and the CRETA, on 23rd January 2014. They discovered the enormous resistive magnets and the important power and (...)

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Young students from the "Cité Scolaire Internationale" discovered the laboratory

10 January 2014, a small group of 13 year old students from the "Cité scolaire internationale" (international school) in Grenoble had the opportunity to discover the LNCMI and ask many questions about the magnets, the magnetic field, metals and levitation to the scientist welcoming them. The most curious could look through a copper coil from bottom to top and manipulate 1 Tesla permanent magnets. They left the lab with answers to their questions and impressive images in mind. (...)

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Visits in 2013