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Thesis - HDR

Recent thesis:

  • Przemyslaw LESZCZYNSKI (February 2014)

Optical and magneto-optical properties of the strictly two dimensional systems – graphene

"Graphene is the best known example of a two dimensional crystal. The spatial confinement of carriers movement into a single atomic plane and their linear energy dispersion results in a multitude of unusual electronic properties. Despite an intense research in recent years, there are still some unanswered questions concerning the electron-phonon interaction effects in this system. Also, the stacking the graphene flakes with other two dimensional crystals is known to have beneficial effects on its electronic properties, but little is known how it affects its magneto-optical response.

In my thesis, I present results of the micro-magneto-Raman scattering experiments that revealed new types of electron-phonon hybridization processes. I show how effects of electron-phonon interaction can be studied by resonantly switching it off and on. Finally, I present a significant improvement of the electronic quality of graphene deposited on BN, and how screening of electron-electron interaction affects its properties."

  • Mateusz Goryca (December 2011)

Spin dynamics in low-dimensional semiconductor structures

  • Jan Kunc (February 2011)

High mobility two-dimensional electron gas in CdTe quantum wells : high magnetic field studies.

  • Francesco Aimo (Janvier 2011)

New magnetic field induced quantum states : microscopic, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance study of azurite

  • Johannes Schneider (October 2010)

Electronic properties of graphite

  • Petr Neugebaur (Janvier 2010)

Development of heterodyne high -eld / high frequency electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer at 285 GHz.

  • Barbara Pietka (July 2007)

Excitonic Complexes in Natural Quantum Dots Formed in Type II GaAs/AlAs Structures

  • Sebastien Moreau (February 2007)

Study of microwaves effects on the magneto-photoluminescence of a two dimensional electron gas.

  • Sassine Sami (décembre 2007)

Transport électronique contrôle par micro-ondes dans des microstructures asymétriques : effet ratchet mésoscopique

  • Benjamin Piot (December 2006)

Spin splitting in the quantum Hall regime

  • Marcinz Drozdowa Byszewski (July 2006)

Optical properties of a two-dimensional electron gas in magnetic fields.

  • Sébastien Diaz (février 2006)

Frustration magnétique dans les oxydes de structure spinelle : GeCo2 et GeNi2O4.