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Offre de thèse :

Topological Transitions in Condensed Matter

 Within a collaboration between LNCMI Grenoble (CNRS) and PHELIQS (CEA) laboratories this PhD project aims at a systematic investigation of the signatures of field induced Fermi surface instabilities (Lifshitz transitions). More precisely, it is planned to measure (thermoelectric) transport properties (Seebeck effect) and thermodynamic properties (magnetization) at low temperatures and under high magnetic field (up to 35T). Comparing these two experimental probes together with theoretical predictions should allow for a clear distinction of the major consequence of Lifshitz transitions : a change in the density of states or extra scattering processes. As a first class of samples, highly correlated electron systems will be investigated (in-house grown high quality single crystals of UCoGe, YbNiSn, etc.) since their generally flat bands at the Fermi level are very sensitive to external magnetic fields.

As a second hot spot it is planned to study recent topological materials like Weyl and Dirac semi-metals (for example Cd3As2 or Na3Bi) which exhibit simpler band structures than the former materials, and are expected to exhibit exotic topological transitions.

This research project has been awarded a special budget by Grenoble University, including a PhD grant of about 1400€ net per month during 3 years ; it will be located in Grenoble, jointly hosted by PHELIQS laboratory and the National High Magnetic Field laboratory.

 Start date : not later than fall 2017

 The PhD student will be jointly supervised by :

 POURRET Alexandre (PI), CEA Grenoble


KNEBEL Georg, CEA-Grenoble

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 Offre publiée le 18/05/17



Investigation of strongly correlated electron systems by quantum-oscillation measurements

The PhD project is dedicated to quantum-oscillation studies of strongly correlated electron systems in high magnetic fields. Such measurements are the tool-of-choice for the determination of the Fermi-surface topology in metals. In strongly correlated electron systems, high magnetic fields are usually required to observe quantum oscillations. In addition, high magnetic fields often induce electronic phase transitions. Among them are quantum phase transitions, i.e., continues zero temperature phase transitions, around which new quantum phases are expected to emerge. Theoretically, such phase transitions are often accompanied by a Fermi-surface reconstruction. This is one of the key questions that will be addressed experimentally within this PhD project. The student will have a unique opportunity to use state-of-the-art high-field facilities of the European Magnetic Field Laboratory. This includes steady fields to 36 T and beyond available in Grenoble, France and Nijmegen, the Netherlands, as well as pulsed fields beyond to 70 T and higher in Dresden, Germany. All the measurements will be performed at low temperatures. This PhD project is part of a larger French-German collaboration, within which the student will be in contact with theoreticians, who will provide band-structure calculations to be compared with the experiment.

The thesis will be financed by the joint French-German ANR-DFG grant “FermiNESt”. The PhD student will be jointly supervised by Dr. I. Sheikin from LNCMI, CNRS, Grenoble, France ( and Prof. J. Wosnitza from HLD, HZDR, Dresden, Germany (

 Offre publiée le 23/03/2017


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